Thermal insulation - Sound insulation

Set the blinds reliably to the freshness of the rooms and protect them from unwanted visibility, cold, heat, noise, wind, rain and sun. The blinds protect the energy needed to heat and air-condition the room. This also saves you money and protects the environment. The company Rolo - Max produces aluminum blinds. The blinds can be operated with a belt, crank screw or motorized with a switch or a remote control. The blinds are available in a wide range of colors. Insect protection nets - MOSQUITOES. They are available in different versions, e.g. B. as fixed or movable roller nets and integrated mosquito nets. It can be in your home for roulette or independently, and there is a possibility of installing it later on the windows

Sunblinds colors


Braon svijetli

Bijela boja

Braon tamni


Tamni hrast

Zlatni hrast svijetli

Zlatni hrast

Opening types


Opening with the remote controlg


Opening with a switch


Crank opening


Opening with a strap

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